First United Methodist Church
Friday, July 19, 2024
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Monthly Church Activities

Playground Dedication
Loma's Garden Dedication

Men's Wild Game Potluck Supper


Sunday, August 8  --  Special music was provided by Mike Bryant and Gordon Burnett

The Blessing of Public School
Teachers and Administrators
The Blessing of Students and Backpacks
Church potluck lunch served Sunday, August 15th, with make your own ice cream sundaes for desert.



Advent Wreath

The circular wreath represents God's eternity and unity.   Evergreens are a symbol of enduring life.

Advent is the first season of the liturgical year and is a four-week period in which the church looks forward to the birth and incarnation of Jesus Christ. This season is observed for the four Sundays prior to Christmas. The lighting of the Advent Wreath in our worship services and in our homes is symbolic of our preparation for the Christmas season. The traditional liturgical colors for this season are purple and/or blue. 
The Cooper Essex family lights the first candle on the Advent Wreath.  The first candle is blue and symbolizes expectation.
The Gary Padgett family lights the second candle on the Advent Wreath.  The second candle is blue and symbolizes hope.
The Heath Holbert family lights the third candle on the Advent Wreath.  The candle for the third Sunday is rosecolore (a special shade of pinkish-purple), because it is lit halfway through the Advent season when we are starting to relax a little in anticipation of Christmas.  This candle symbolizes joy.
On the fourth Sunday of Advent, John and LouCree Schallhorn light the Advent Wreath.   The fourth candle on the wreath is blue and symbolizes purity.
The Christ candle was lit on Christmas Eve by the Chris Counce family.  The Christ candle reminds Christians that Jesus is the light of the world.

 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service


Hanging of the Greens Service

After the morning service, the Men's Sunday School class served a chili and sandwich lunch.  Following the lunch, the church was decorated for the Christmas season.

 XYZ  Group Christmas Lunch was held on December 9th


 Sunday, December 12th, the Children's Choir presented their Christmas program.   


The December Activity Committee hosted the annual Christmas Pot Luck after the program.

Sunday, December 19th


The Chancel Choir presented its program of Lessons and Carols

The January Activity Committee sponsored a chicken & noodle lunch with donations to benefit the landscape fund.


The United Methodist Men prepared and sold pork loins on Saturday before the Super Bowl.  


Allen Mooney, Gordon Burnett, Mike Bryant, & Colton Westfall
There was a Valentine Balloon Release following the morning service, then a Spaghetti Lunch was served by the February Activity Committee and the UMY.
 Easter Egg Hunt
2011 Choir Festival

Service of Dedication  --  November 6, 2011

Rev. Charles G. Ashcraft, Sr.
Rev. Roger B. Hook
District Superintendent, Rev. Dennis W. Spence
Warren Jennings, Sr., David Jessup, & Gary Hudson of the Loan Institutions deliver the paid up Note to Craig Pinson, Finance Chairperson.
Rev. Daniel R. Kirkpatrick lights the first copy of the Note.
Everyone in attendance was given a copy of the Note to be burned.
November Activity Committee hosted a potluck lunch after the note burning.
Bobbie Adkinson and Jerry Rodgers spoke after lunch.


First United Methodist Church Volunteers Renovate Child's Room at Dana's House


The March Activity Committee hosted a Soup & Chili Luncheon with donations benefiting the Music Ministry



Holy Week Activities





Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Everyone enjoyed Hamburgers and Hot Dogs cooked by Bro. Daniel and Gary Padgent.

Holy Week Luncheon and Devotional
Dr. David Bush, Pastor at FUMC Stuttgart, gave the Devotional.

Christ in the Passover — A Presentation of Jews For Jesus
Traditional Jewish Passover meal led by Aaron Trank, a missionary from Jews for Jesus
The Passover Seder Plate

Holy Week Luncheon & Devotional 
Devotional given by Rev. Horace Coose, Pastor of De Witt Friends Church

Maundy Thursday
The Last Supper 

Good Friday
Seven Last Words of Jesus from the Cross 



2012 Seniors

Fran Jennings                            Hara Hestir                                  Janie Thompson
Carla Walton presents each Senior with a Bible.


Once Upon A Parable   —  Children's Festival Choir Spring Musical

Mrs. Marjorie Jenkins, Director


Children's Carol Choir



Time Out for Camp Tanako


LeAnne Pittman Burch, daughter of Gail Pittman was promoted to Brigadier General Saturday, August 18 at the Arkansas Supreme Court building.  LeAnne became the second woman in history to reach the level of Brigadier General of the U.S. Army JAG Corps as an Army Reservist.  She was assigned as the Chief Judge, Army Court of Criminal Appeals, U.S. Army Legal Services Agency.   Congratulations!

Arkansas Rice Depot's Adopt A School

DeWitt FUMC adopted a school for the kids backpack program by raising $2,400.   Needy kids in the DeWitt Elementary school will take home food in a backpack from the Arkansas Rice Depot.


 Praise Band Project

Aidan White, base guitar; Rick Long, drums; Daniel White, vocals; Debbie Briggs, piano.


College Student Sunday

Laura Jo Prange & Rustin Holbert
Ryan Holbert
Katie Koen & Suzanna Rieves
Peyton Gasaway & Paige Patterson

Christmas Eve Service

The Chancel Choir 2013 Christmas Cantata

"What Sweeter Music Can We Bring"


"T'was The Year Before Christmas"
Presented by the Carol Choir & Festival Choir 

Angle Tree


College Student Sunday

Laura Jo Prange & Rustin Holbert
Ryan Holbert
Katie Koen & Suzanna Rieves
Peyton Gasaway & Paige Patterson

Sunday, April 13


Monday, April 14

Rev. Mary Welch, Bayou Meto - Lodge Corner UMC

Tuesday, April 15

Jan Edwards, Gillett UMC, Deluce/Prairie Union UMC

Wednesday, April 16

Clefton Vaughn, Grand Avenue UMC -Stuttgart

Thurday, April 17

Maundy Thursday Service 
Lisa J. Smolowitz, a missionary from Jews for Jesus  led us in the traditional Jewish Passover,  "Christ in the Passover."

Friday, April 18

Scriptures & Songs of Jesus' Passion
Led by Chancel Choir